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AUG has provided over 27,000 reviews. Our clinical reviewers have multidisciplinary backgrounds and training as physical medicine/rehabilitation providers, administrators, and peer reviewers. Our reviewers have experience in a wide variety of settings including outpatient rehabilitation, home health, pain clinics, acute care, academia, and research. Collectively, our clinical expertise includes the following patient populations: orthopedic, sports medicine, acute care, cardiovascular & pulmonary, geriatric, hand injuries, neurological, pediatric, burn/wounds, chronic pain, and women’s health. Our clinical reviewers are listed below. For more information on the qualifications of our reviewers, please contact us.


  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Boston University, 1989
    Bachelor of Science from Emory University, 1987
  • Mr. Platt is a founding partner of Appropriate Utilization Group, LLC. Appropriate Utilization Group is a utilization management consulting firm specializing in the physical medicine & rehabilitation arena operating in Atlanta, Georgia since 1999.
  • Mr. Platt has been a licensed physical therapist for over 20 years and has practiced in a variety of clinical settings. He is particularly known for his work in peer review, utilization review, and chart audit. He has reviewed over 20,000 physical therapy/medicine cases for national insurance companies, attorneys, and regulatory agencies.
  • Mr. Platt has provided expert testimony on physical therapy related issues in several states.
  • Mr. Platt has also served as a Consultant in the validation process of InterQual's® Outpatient Rehabilitation & Chiropractic Criteria, as an expert reviewer for the American Physical Therapy Association’s Task Force on Practice Parameters, and on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Official Disability Guidelines focusing primarily on "Best Practice" physical therapy guidelines.
  • He serves his professional organization, the American Physical Therapy Association, in many capacities at both the state and national levels.
  • Prior to starting Appropriate Utilization Group, Mr. Platt directed the Physical Therapy Review Division of a national PM&R consulting firm and served as a manager of a large outpatient physical therapy clinic.

Stuart Platt, MSPT, PT

PAT ADAMS, PT - Physical Therapist Reviewer

RACHELE BRANSON, OT, CHT – Occupational Therapist Reviewer

DENNIS DIGIORGI, DC, CCIC – Chiropractic Reviewer

JILL GLASS, PT, LPC – Physical Therapist Reviewer

CINDY L. MANNING, PT – Physical Therapist Reviewer

MARCIA PEARL, PT, PhD – Physical Therapist Reviewer

GEORGE SAGE, D.C. – Chiropractic Reviewer

AMY SAMUELSON, CCC-SLP – Speech Therapist Reviewer

Our staff also includes Administrative Support personnel.